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Books about sex and gender
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That sounds a very interesting book - and probably on my level, as regards gender issues.  My husband tends to groan when what he sees as yet another gay couple in a murder mystery is shown.  I said last time, "Well, apparently 10% of the population is gay."  And now you tell me that is a myth!

I did have some sympathy with the Oldie writer (unnamed, maybe the editor)  who wrote that he had to fill in a form at his local health centre when there to have his feet checked which asked for his sexual orientation: heterosexual/straight; homosexual/gay man; gay woman/lesbian; bisexual; other; rather not disclose.  Then he said, "What can 'Other' possibly mean? Hermaphrodite? If so, why the insulting prudery? And the imagination runs riot at 'Rather not Disclose'.  What about 'Asexual'?  But the most disturbing thought is, what has all this got to do with feet?"

And somewhere yesterday I read/heard that the terms were extended when it was realised that 'gay scene' excluded all the women, but I thought 'gay' was an inclusive term, just as straight includes those people who have (to my mind) quirky habits.

But my author has found a woman in Afghanistan who has never married: her father realised she was happiest in male clothing and supported her to stay as a man.  These men/women do seem to develop periods and breasts later than usual and have them less often and smaller than other women.  She has mentioned a similar style of living in Albania and says it is lessening as Albania modernises.  And she talks about warrior women dressing and living as men in many countries, including Joan of Arc, Zenobia in Syria and Roman women.

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