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Juat to Let You Know I'm Still Alive by Glenn Reddiex
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Cressida by Nicholas Wright
Nicholas Wright's play CRESSIDA (2000) is set in the 1630s in the world of the Jacobean theatre, and very fascinating it is.  The chief character is John Shank, an actor of the King's Men, who trains boys to play female parts.  The play deals with his training of Stephen in the role of  Cressida in 'Troilus & Cressida.  We meet orher boy actors and managers and learn about the selling of these boys to other companies and the difficulties of making a living.  It's a l ...
A poetry thread
Wha fe call i'

Miss Ivy, tell mi supmn,
An mi wan' yuh ansa good.
When yuh eat roun 12 o'clock,
Wassit yuh call yuh food?

For fram mi come yah mi confuse,
An mi noh know which is right,
Weddah dinnah a de food yuh eat midday,
Or de one yuh eat a night.

Mi know sey breakfus a de mawnin one,
But cyan tell ef suppa a six or t'ree,
An one ting mi wi nebba undastan,
Is when yuh hab yuh tea.

Miss A dung a London ha lunch 12 o'clock,
An dinnah she hab ...
Ann Cleves
When I go to some of these less used threads I find interesting older posts.  This one on Ann Cleeves I found compelling because we have been watching both Vera and Shetland on television recently.  I think the Vera on TV is watered down from what Ann found in the book Hidden Depths.  She does drink quite a lot, and she dresses a bit scruffily, and is quite abrupt to her underlings, but she isn' ...
Ngaio Marsh
Specifically her Death at the Bar, which I am reading now, and could put on the What Are You Reading 2017 thread, but I prefer not to put things on the same thread as others have been on, since there are not many of us posting now, and I don't want my name on all of them!

Death at the Bar is set in Devon, England, and features the death by cyanide and prussic acid poisoning.  It seems to have been administered by a dart, or not as we will doubtless find out l ...
Writing dialogue
I've decided I need practice writing dialogue. Never really done it. So I bashed this out just now, based on a hitchhiking trip with a friend over 40 years ago.

Taking your chances

‘Where you fellas off to?’
‘‘The big city, eh? You’re in luck. Me too. Well, almost that far. I’ll take you to Abbotsford. You know where that is?’
‘Uh.. I’ve heard of it.’
‘What you going down to the coast for anyway? See the sights? Catch a little action? Ha ...
Juat to Let You Know I'm Still Alive by Glenn Reddiex
A book of postcards from New Zealanders during the First World War.  It was an era when postcards were a very important and fairly new form of communication, and widely used during the war.  Full of actual photos of the postcards, with mini biogs of the men or women who sent them.  

I have had to put it down temporarily because every second one said something along the lines of, "Unfortunately Joe was killed at Passchendaele in June 1917."  I'm sure most of the s ...
Work in books
I have just read two novels which reminded me of this thread (though reading old threads reminds me of all the people who used to post here and no longer do.  What happened to Floorboard George, for instance or even Green Jay.  Or Country Lady?  

I have, as mentioned in the What Are You Reading threads, read About Schmidt and Reach both of which dwell on the work of people.  In the first one, Schmidt's work is shown ...
NZ Ockham Book Awards

This is the NZ top book awards.  I don't think I have read any of Catherine Chidley's work; I get her muddled with Charlotte Grimshaw and I think it was the latter's Opportunity (short stories) that we read at our bookclub once and we didn't like it, and I didn't finish it.  Though that may just because I don't like short stories and the style was a bit oblique and difficult for me.

I am quite pleas ...
Words Wide Night - Carol Ann Duffy
Words Wide Night by Carol Ann Duffy

Somewhere on the other side of this wide night
and the distance between us, I am thinking of you.
The room is turning slowly away from the moon.

This is pleasurable. Or shall I cross that out and say
it is sad? In one of the tenses I singing
an impossible song of desire that you cannot hear.

La lala la. See? I close my eyes and imagine the dark hills I would have to cross
to reach you. For I am in love with you

and this is what it is like or ...
Nice to see you all again.
Welcome back to Ann - hope she stays here now.  I didn't post back on the thread she was on - it would take away her name from the opening page, which I didn't want to do, to allow others to see her name there too.

Great to see you here again Ann.  Caro.
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