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I have noticed we have lots of guests looking at our site these days - and am astonished to see that on Friday morning (4 December) we had 23 people online!!  It's a record.

If you are a 'guest', and read this, please do think about joining us - the more the merrier!  We haven't had much discussion lately, but more people on board might help with that.  (So might some of us being less lazy and actually writing about what we read...I am talking about myself of course!  I will try to write something this week...)

So don't lurk, join in!   Cool
I mentioned the board on Twitter, perhaps that helped boost the guest numbers. Like you say Evie it would be good to have some new members to enrich our discussions.
Oh, well done, iwishiwas!  Would be great to have some new voices - not that there is anything wrong with the old ones, of course!
I'll put my hand up to being a serial lurker!
It would be nice to have some new voices, opinions and reading selections. Be brave and join us.

Dare I say it - but I think that the start of the individual reading blogs may have slowed down other more general  or specific discussions? I do always look at the monthly lists and the current reading threads, as they are a precis. I don't readily check in to see what everyone has been reading individually, but when I do I find interesting discussions may be going on - but there is nothing to signal this, or the topic, unless I keep checking each one. And then if someone does not have much in common with me in terms of reading interests I'm even less ready to follow their blog, and that's when I may miss out on good things!  Crying or Very sad But my time is limited.
What does anyone else think?
We have a couple of new members. I have noticed Darrell and Andrea at least. Welcome to both, don't be shy about posting we're all friendly and would love to hear what you're reading, who are your favourite writers etc etc
Still loads of guests lurking, and several who have joined but obviously don't want to post...come on, everyone, it's only a messageboard, join in!  Strange that people are interested enough to keep looking, but don't want to join - well, maybe not that strange!!  But frustrating.
We currently have 20 guests online...I know we are all scintillatingly wonderful, but I can't really imagine why our little site would attract all this uncommitted interest...
Evie, can you be sure that some of the 20 "guests" weren't simply members who weren't logged in? I often don't bother to log in unless I have something to post.
Of course some of them, at least, could be.  The number is sometimes high, though, and we never have more than four or five members logged on at once, usually with two or three 'guests' as well (who may well, as you say, be members who are not logged on).  But when it gets into the 20s (it went up to 29 last night, and into the 30s from time to time - but more than 3 or 4 is rare), I would be surprised if those were all members.  Lots of members also 'hide' themselves when they are online, lots of us are automatically logged on whenever we visit, so the chances of having nearly 30 (given the general traffic here) who are not logged on at all seems unlikely.

People can lurk all they like, of course, members or not - but we have had some odd activity lately, and have deleted some people who joined only to post spam, so I am just keeping a watchful eye!  Sorry if it sounds unfriendly - just trying to protect our site a bit.
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