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Juat to Let You Know I\'m Still Alive by Glenn Reddiex
A book of postcards from New Zealanders during the First World War.  It was an era when postcards were a very important and fairly new form of communication, and widely used during the war.  Full of actual photos of the postcards, with mini biogs of the men or women who sent them.  

I have had to put it down temporarily because every second one said something along the lines of, "Unfortunately Joe was killed at Passchendaele in June 1917."  I'm sure most of the soldiers arrived home after the war, but you would think from reading this that a good half of them were killed.  It's sickening to think of all these young lives cut so cruelly short.  And the families back home left grieving, especially when some families had to mourn two or even three sons.  

I also find the layout a bit confusing with the postcards and information on who sent them combined with the editorial on whatever the chapter heading was - Getting to Blighty, Sailors and Seamen, From the Artists' Pen, etc.  And while I was pleased to see mention of some local soldiers from my small area,  I was less pleased to see our area, the Catlins spelt as Caitlins, both in the text and the index.  

Having put those reservations in, this book is beautifully produced and informative, and very interesting with many soldiers individually named and details about them given.
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