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Cockney language for Money
Someone put this poem on another board when he said he wished he had put a pony on some sport.  I said I was unsure what a pony was despite having read many Georgette Heyers where I think she mentioned them.  

He didn't know the author and I haven't got round to looking for it, but I rather liked it for its informative nature and simple rhythm:

A Cockney knows all about money
Cos its what make his world go around
But he doesnít say money, he says Bees and Honey
When talking about pennies and pounds

A pound in the Smoke is a Nicker
A hundred of them make a ton
And what rhymes with Nicker but old Alan Whicker
And thatís just the start of the fun

Next we have Lady Godiva
Thatís a fiver to you and to me
Three fivers add up to a Commodore
Cos thatís three times a Lady you see?

A tenner is known as a Cockle
And that comes from Cockerel and Hen
A score is two tenners, or two Ayrton Sennas
By the way can you give us a lend?

A ten and three fives make a Pony
Or twenty-five quid to be plain
Thatís just about right to go out Friday night
And on Saturday come home again

Five times a ton is a Monkey
Five hundred quid right on the button
Donít ask me to lend it, I donít recommend it
When asked for a loan I go Mutton

Two Monkeys add up to a grand
One thousand of our English pounds
A nice wodge of cash (known as Bangers and Mash)
Though not quite as grand as it sounds

But that isnít all there is to it
There are many more rhymes to be learned
Though one thing thatís funny when it comes to money
Itís spent just as soon as itís earned

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