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Nice to see you all again.
Hi I don't know why but I almost stopped reading in 2013 I managed only four books with six part started still at my bedside.

It's wonderful to see many old friends still here and hope to be posting again asap.
Nice to see you all again.
County Lady, I was just thinking of you recently, wondering what you were up to. Delightful to see you here! Hope things are well with you.
Nice to see you all again.
Hi, CL - I didn't stop reading in 2013, instead I got hit by a kind of writing block where I knew what I wanted to say but the words were unable to be typed up. Peculiar feeling and very disconcerting. As for part reading a book - if it doesn't bring any response, no harm in ditching it! There so much interesting stuff available whether in past or modern books. Welcome back.
Nice to see you all again.
Yes, lovely to see you here again, County Lady.  Now we just need Evie and Green Jay and Spidernick and Village Duckpond and Hector and...
Nice to see you all again.
Good to have you back, County Lady! I had been hoping that your absence was not the result of any unpleasantness in your life. Just not reading much is something that happens to us all from time to time, although, if I am honest, I read as much or more than ever, but I am just too idle to write much about what I have read.
Nice to see you all again.
Nice of you to pop in, County Lady. I hope we see more of you.

Not reading is something that never happens to me. Not feeling like writing about it happens a lot.
Best to you
Nice to see you all again.
Hi and thank you all for the welcome back.

I'm getting updated by reading through the 2014 thread maybe it will encourage me to once again pick up a book for myself.
Nice to see you all again.
Sheepishly popping back; and for me too, nice to see people still here and the forum still running. Perhaps just a little quieter these days! County lady, I hope you are reading again as you wish, and will be posting a little.

I have read a few things in a long absence, I'm almost sure, so will attempt to post a few things.
Nice to see you all again.
Quiet is right, Mike, but ticking over. Delightful to see you - I hope things are well in your part of Cambridgeshire.
Nice to see you all again.
There were no posts for a couple of days and I worried our site was dying, but here are new posts.  I like talking about books and the people here talk sensibly about them, and not just about the newest ones on the shelves either.  

Good to see you back here mike. Even if I never read any science fiction I still find your posts interesting. County Lady was here but she didn't post a lot apart from on this thread.  Hope she is back for more discussion soon.
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