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You're still here!

I'm sorry I've been absent for such a long time (not sure how long, but more than a year...).  A lot has happened in the last 18 months...but I've thought about this board often.  Several are on Facebook, and I've kept up with those, but lots of others aren't, so I'll browse around and see who is still posting here.

Evie! How wonderful to hear from you! I have really missed you. I still follow the board, but don't post very much, which I think is true of most members these days.

I do hope you will be joining us again, and bringing us up to date with what has been happening with you.

Welcome back!🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Thank you Chris!  It has been a long time.  Great that you are still here!

Missed your postings on books, Evie, but the postings on Facebook have more than made up for them. I never thought you’d been away thanks to the  computer  hello1

Welcome back.  I was thinking about you only the other day.

Thanks Sandra.  I have thought about everyone a lot!

Castorboy, good to know you see my Facebook posts...I do post a lot of drivel!

I had hoped you would return Very Happy
Jen M

Good to see you back, Evie.
Joe McWilliams

Nice of you to pop in, Evie. wav

So it's Facebook that has lured you away from here, is it?   Sad That thing has been the death of more discussion groups.....

I think opoening and running a bookshop is a wonderful reason for your absence....

Hello everyone, and thanks!

Joe, it's not so much that Facebook has kept me away as that I've managed to keep up with Facebook but not this site...partly because of the bookshop I opened, which has its own Facebook page.

The bookshop - a second-hand bookshop and arts venue (films, live music, talks, craft groups and workshops, etc) - opened at the end of July 2013, and has been wonderful.  It created a lovely community atmosphere - lots of sofas and people could make themselves tea and coffee - and lots of people have become friends through it.  It was non-profit, though we never got as far as making any real profit!

I had started to pay myself a bit from around September - £400 a month, not to be sniffed at! - and the shop was going from strength to strength, but at the end of November we were told by the landlord that he wanted the building back at the end of December.  So we have had to move out, and have not found new premises, so it has sadly closed for now.  I would love to reopen it, but commercial rents are so high, and it's going to be tricky - but am looking for a way to do it.

It did keep me incredibly busy - we were open five days a week and I was at the shop most evenings, plus some Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings (the days the shop was closed) - so that certainly impinged on both time and energy for things like messageboards, and even for reading.  But now I am missing it a lot!

There is a website, still going, for anyone who is interested - - and I realise I have neglected the blog there but will try to write something regularly.

A few days after I handed the keys back, the landlord on the flat I rent sent notice that he was putting the rent up by around 25%, which is a huge hike, and I am currently struggling to work out how to deal with that, given that I only have very part-time work (online tutoring) and have so far not found any jobs to apply for.  So that's been another drain on time and energy in what I had been looking forward to as a month to relax a bit and plan the next step for the bookshop.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to, but I'm glad lots of people are still here!

How sad that you had to close, and I never got around to coming to visit your shop despite the fact I am only about an hour down the road  Embarassed

Hopefully you will secure new premises soon and be able to reopen.  In the meantime its nice to see you back.  Although I have to admit, I have only recently returned after a significant break.

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