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Wish you were Here?!...

A comment made on another thread has made me think, if you could actually visit a fictional place in any book you have read, where would you most like to go?  After thinking about it for me there are the obvious choices Narnia and Hogwarts places full of fantasy and exciting things to see and do.  However, for me the only place I would want to visit is Bleak House, I would love to go as a person from the future and chat with Esther to see if she really was as too good to be true and I would like to talk to Lady Deadlock but while I was there I would just love to walk up to Mr Skimpole and punch his lights out!

I'd have to say France, around the time of The Count of Monte Cristo, indeed, for that matter, I'd want to be The Count of Monte Cristo!


       Big Readers Forum Index -> Things that don't fit anywhere else
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