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Joe Mac

Whatever happened to....?

Oh dear.....I probably missed the memo on this....but hasn't Evie been absent from the forum for quite a long time? I enjoyed her contributions and wonder if we'll see her here again.

Evie is taking a bit of a break from the board at the moment. We’re all obviously hoping that the break won’t be permanent, as many of us, like yourself, enjoyed her contributions. But for the moment, she appears to be enjoying her “sabbatical”.
Green Jay

I wondered about Evie too, as I miss her unique take on things. I do hope she can be tempted back.

Some of you are like 'institutions' on this web site and I miss Evie, too!!!  Good, common sense, good taste and good sense of humour.
Come back, Evie!  All is forgiven!
Is she in Italy, looking at wonderful art, I wonder?  Or is she perhaps actually doing what all of us should be doing - READING A BOOK!!!???!!! Laughing

Evie, if you're prowling on this site now and then - please come back!

There are others who haven't posted for awhile........

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Things that don't fit anywhere else
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