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Weird Book Titles

I have a feeling that this is the first thread I have ever started. Well, apologies that it is so lightweight!

I was sent this link by a friend:

Personal favourite being The Pop up Book of Phobias. Don't suppose that anyone would admit to owning any of these. I suspect a few are made up.



If you Google 'Diagram Prize', Hector, you will find even more odd titles. This prize has been awarded annually for very many years for the oddest book title of the year. I seem to remember it had its origins in a book published by the Diagram Press called something like 'How to Hold an Alligator and Other Useful Information'.

Hello Hector, I laughed a lot at that collection of weird book titles.  I don't know if you are aware of the antiquarian booksellers JARNDYCE whose premises are directly opposite the main gates of the British Museum. They usually have a window display of books with ambiguous titles, many sexual. It's always worth a look when you're passing.  
I possess two books whose titles might be added to the list. 'Christie's Old Organ' and 'From Fag To Monitor'.
I remember a career book that used to be in our school library 'Sue Barton, Therapist'. It was so written on the spine as to read 'Sue Barton, The Rapist'.  And there was a book in the British Library by someone called Gottfried Egg.

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