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If anyone stops you in the street asking if you are interested in perfume and give you a piece of paper to sniff DO NOT DO IT!!

It is a new scam it is laced and you will pass out and then they mug you - it has happened recently on numerous occasions in Birmingham & surrounding area - Please pass on to your friends.

Thank you

I find it hard to believe that there is an anesthetizing drug so potent that merely sniffing in a piece of paper could knock you out, I feel sure surgeons would like to have access to such a drug.
I suspect those who claim to have been 'mugged' in this manner have misappropriated money and use this tale to account for it

See this url


I can think of one thing that would do it - but it would be extremely dangerous and the attacker liable to find themselves on a murder charge - and that would be cyanide. Of course, other nerve agents would work too - but would be very hard to make, store and deploy, and also have the same fatality risks as cyanide.

To knock someone out with something like chloroform you'd probably need to hold a well-soaked rag over their face for a good few seconds.

This scam scare seems to be an urban legend, having its origins in a case from Alabama in 1999, in which a woman alleged she was mugged in this way - though toxicological tests revealed no foreign substances in her body.


I don't know the origins of this but a friend of mine who I trust and who isn't prone to fits of hysterics or liable to be taken in with scare stories, texted me about it this morning  and I just thought I'd pass it on, better safe than sorry I thought.

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