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Top five books set in Brighton or Bath

We are going to spend a day or two in Brighton and Bath when we are in England in June, and I was wondering what good books are set there.  Should try one or two for preparation.  I know Georgette Heyer set books in these places.  Jane Austen too, though I am not sure which ones. Brighton Rock, I presume - I have never read any Graham Greene.

Ideas welcome.  Cheers.

Peter Lovesey's detective novels featuring Inspector Peter Diamond are mainly set in Bath and use local features as scenes of the crimes he investigates ie Royal Baths, Pump Room. Patrick Hamilton uses Brighton for some of his novels.

Try to find a non-fiction book about the Prince Regent (George 4) and Regency Brighton, and the Brighton Pavilion.  If you are in Brighton for a few days try to have a trip to Rudyard Kipling's house - Bateman's - in Sussex....I love Brighton....

Austen's "Northanger Abbey" features a trip to Bath by the heroine Catherine Morland.

For Brighton, there's always Julie Burchill's "Sugar Rush", although you might wish to avoid Julie Burchill (who lives there).

Castorboy wrote:
Patrick Hamilton uses Brighton for some of his novels.

I've just remembered that Palace Pier by Keith Waterhouse has a character who lives in Brighton and believes he can find an unpublished novel of Patrick Hamilton's. Very literary and waspish about the pretensions of would-be writers. Plus a vivid description of the promenade scene and the famous theatre used for pre-London shows of recent years and probably still used today to gauge a show's success.
Joe McWilliams

Caro, I can tell you that the second of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels - Post Captain - includes a visit or two to Bath.

Both 'Northanger Abbey' and 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen have parts of it set in Bath.
For 'Northanger Abbey' the trip to Bath happens early on in the novel. For 'Persuasion', Bath is the place were the grand finale of the novel takes place.

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