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Joe McWilliams

This just in...

I'm so tickled about this I just have to share the news, as immaterial as it may be to an audience on the other side of the Atlantic.
Some of you may remember me mentioning that the town I live in (Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada) lost about a quarter of its structures in a wildfire in May of 2011. It was great disruption for all of us, as you can imagine, and some much more than others, though mercifully nobody died.

To make a long story short, I joined three colleagues in producing a book on the incident and its aftermath. We called it The Day it Rained Fire (because it did) and it's been selling like hotcakes here in town. More recently a city (Edmonton) bookstore agreed to handle it and last Friday it appeared atop the Edmonton Journal's non-fiction bestseller list.

So that's the big news from my neck of the woods. Thank you for your indulgence.

Joe that is wonderful news - well done.  blob7  hello1

Great news, Joe!

Oh, well done, Joe.  It's great to hear of someone achieving something like that.  And to have it selling so well and widely - you must be so proud.

Brilliant news, Joe!  Well done.

(And there is no Atlantic, or any other ocean, on the internet!)
Joe McWilliams

Ha ha! True, Evie, no oceans divide us. Good point. I'll be right over to visit your bookstore, in that case.

Thanks everyone, for your kinds words. I'm pleased. Still poor, but pleased.  blob6

A belated congratulations from me also - that sounds terrific! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Joe McWilliams

If somebody ever gets off their backside and reviews it, I'll be sure to post it here. Regardless, it's already exceeded all our expectations. There's something about a natural disaster that people find fascinating. Especially those who have been through it.

Excellent. It is so useful to have a record of a major event as I have found with the passage of time, people's memories forget the facts.

Late as always, but very well done from me too!

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