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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Many of the previous reviews do a good job of discussing this novel, and I will repeat that discussion here.

But what the previous reviews do not mention the U.S. publisher, Knopf, Murakami and his translator, Jay Rubin forced to summarize key original Japanese text. Casual reader would have no way of knowing, and indeed, I have only seen translated into English and Russian, because I was reading alternating chapters of the book. Half novel, with chapters throughout the English-language text on the road suddenly started disappearing. Astonished, I English language version, where, for the first time, signaling that the secret book I not only noticed but was translated even go back to the copyright page, "adapted from the Japanese."

How much of the original text was "optimized away? I do not read Japanese, but my Russian language translation, which is complete (an award-winning novel by a Russian publisher to be such a travesty) is based on a comparison with, it seems that something like 15 -20% of the text has been cut. Those who "Wind-up Bird Chronicle" choppy, or puzzling, or seemingly incomplete text to find the English language, at least some blame for American publishers who decided, lies at the foot of unilateral, that American readers can not handle a long book.

Anyway, the result is that you can comfortably do so, the "Wind-up Bird Chronicle in a non-English translation" Try to read. Or, if you meet the basic English language translation of the J. Rubin and demand can not be published.

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