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The Suspicions of Mr Whicher - ITV

This is something I'm looking forward to:  I spotted a TV tie-in edition of the book recently and I'm not sure when it's airing, I can't find any clues so far on tinternet, but it must be soon!

It's on 25th April!
Green Jay

Oh, I've just got back from holiday on time! Thanks for the info.

I'm afraid I fell asleep in front of the TV and took myself off up to bed before I started snoring! Perhaps if I hadn't known 'whodunit', (from reading the book and hearing it read of the radio) I might have found the story more intriguing, but as it was, there seemed very little to keep my attention.

I haven't read the book but I was very impressed by the programme. However I usually dislike adaptations of books I do know so that means nothing. I shall definitely read the book, now, and I thought the actor who played Whicher was very good.

Paddy Considine, I believe.

We missed this - I think it clashed with the George Martin documentary. It was one of those annoying evenings when there are 3 things you want to watch, all on at the same time.

There was a TV drama based on the same case back in the 80s, part of the series "A Question of Guilt".

I thought 'The Suspicions of Mr Whicher' was excellently done, calm, measured and restrained. And it looked splendid in muted colours.  Acting was fine all round. I liked Alexandra Roach as Constance, and it was good to see Paddy Considine acting something other than the eccentrics he plays in Shane Meadows' films.

It was shown here last week and I can only agree with Mike's comments. The acting of Roach and Considine added to the overall effect of an engaging drama of top quality.

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