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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

I did say - as I always do - that I didn't want anything for my birthday, and that being yet another year nearer the grave is hardly something to celebrate, etc. etc. (you know - the usual old rubbish). But today, I had a bit of a belated surprise: my wife has taken out, in my name, one years' membership to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. I have no idea yet what this entitles me to, but my membership card comes with the latest Journal of the Sherlock Holmes Society, plus details of various forthcoming events - all of which I shall be perusing with great interest in bed tonight. Among the events is a traditional annual cricket match between members of the Sherlock Holmes Society, and members of the PG Wodehouse Society.

Oh boy! - This sounds like fun!  Very Happy

Now, I have to read one of those stories tonight: which shall I go for, I wonder...

You will have to dash to one side of the grounds to cheer a catch, and then the opposite to applaud a boundary by the other side, Himadri!  You will end up with a headache.

Cheers, Caro.

What a lovely present! Stephen Fry claims that in his youth he was for a period the youngest member (perhaps the youngest ever) of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. It does look fun. It's the Gloria Scott for me tonight...

Wel, what a fun gift, not only for you, but for all of us!  My brother-in-law is a devout Holmes fan - I shall forward the website to him.  Thanks for mentioning it and a happy be-lated birthday!

Melony, first of all, thanks for the birthday greetings! And secondly, there are Sherlock Holmes societies all around the world, and it would probably be best for your brother-in-law to join the one that's nearset to him geographically. He may find this page of interest:

Thanks so much - I will forward him the link.  I didn't know there were Holmes Societies all over, but it stands to reason, as there are Holmes fanatics all over.  Right now I am re-watching the Jeremy Brett series.
Simon The Sponge

Sounds fascinating Himadri, have you managed to discover anymore details as to what membership entails or entitles you to.  The Holmes v Wodehouse cricket match sounds a real grin

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