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The Reading President

Apparently George Walker Bush reads 95 books a year. That's more than me - I wonder how he has time to take them in, given that for the past eight years he has been nominally in charge of a world power? Or maybe it was mostly Sesame Street colouring books.

This interesting article from the New York Times is about Barack Obama's reading habits:

It may be partially to do with the contrast between him and his predecessor, but he does come across as an intelligent and thoughtful man, doesn't he? I think I really ought to read Gilead. I've read quite a bit about it recently.

There was a bit about the fact that Obama had to be sworn in again, because he and the CJ fluffed their lines on the day - but no one could find a Bible in the White House.  Someone said that GWB had taken the White House library with him - both books, including the one he'd been colouring in.  (Oh, what will we do now that we can't poke fun at the US President?")

95 books in a year is phenomenal, even for someone with time on their hands!  That joke about the Vice-President actually running the country may not have been a joke at all...

Gilead - if you mean the Marilynne Robinson book - is great.

I do mean that one. I put Housekeeping on the mental TBR a couple of years ago following recommendations on this board, but at the moment Marilynne Robinson is a closed book to me.

Having read the article, I do feel encouraged!  Great to have someone who reads such serious books in the White House (and hopefully doesn't see reading as a race...!).  As you say, thoughtful and intelligent - blimey, what a contrast!

That was a great article, thanks for posting it Chibiabos.

I've got time on my hands and get nowhere near 95 books in one year but I wonder if even The President of the Unitied States has to spend a lot of time waiting for aeroplanes etc and I bet I could do it if the books in question were about 120 or so pages long.......................  

Seeing reading as a race has certainly put my own ambitions to read faster into perspective.

The article certainly does a lot for taking up reading as a hobby and made it clear why I am reading - I thought it was just because I liked it!

Luna *our dog looked intelligent next to GWB and I always wonder if he didn't 'act dim' deliberately (like Paris Hilton), for some reason*

I always flinch slightly when I see Bush referred to by his initials alone, especially when he's being insulted, as they are the same as mine. Hopefully the end of his presidency will put an end to my jumpiness.

Actually, I wasn't trying to insult him, although now that I read it back it does look insulting.  Our dog was a lot more intelligent than the vast majority of our family and at least one of my friends at the time.  And I was genuinely wondering if he didn't 'act dim' for effect, at least some of the time.

Not that I could have known that you shared the same initials  Laughing .


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