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The Pattern In The Carpet by Margaret Drabble.

Margaret Drabble describes this book (2009) as "A Personal History With Jigsaws". It's not quite an autobiography.  I would describe it as a very very discursive memoir.  There's very little about her life as a writer. There's a lot in the book about the author's Auntie Phyllis and their shared passion for completing jigsaw puzzles.  From this starting point Drabble pursues her family history, the family house, the history of jigsaws, which in turn wanders into the history of children's games, books and pastimes, painting - as used for jigsaw subjects - mosaics, tesserae, furniture, playing cards, all sorts of things. You never know where this serendipitous book will wander next. Lying underneath the book's attractive surface is the idea of the jigsaw as metaphor.  For what?  It's all very charming and endearing and I read it very quickly.

       Big Readers Forum Index -> What non-fiction are you reading?
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