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Joe Mac

The other beautiful game

I refer, of course, to Scrabble, or at least Lexulous, an online version that is close enough to the original. I'm involved in a couple of ongoing games via e-mail and would welcome one or two more, should any forum members be so inclined.
All I need is an e-mail address.
Joe McWilliams

Humph! I just noticed I never got a single response to this. Tough to believe I'm the only scrabble enthusiast in this group.
Jen M

Perhaps no-one realised it was you, Joe.  

I do like Scrabble, but my participation in an online game would be erratic and/or intermittent.  I don't have one of those devices which I can have by my side the whole time - I use a desktop PC and have to decide to go on it, then stop and do something else, then come back another day.
Joe McWilliams

Erratic and intermittent exactly describes how scrabble via e-mail proceeds. It's the beauty of it. There are also 'real time' games, but I have no use for them. The e-mail variety can stretch over many days, which works very well as long as the players are agreeable.

Hi Joe, I play Lexulous on Facebook which is nearly scrabble. However I am not a specially skilled player and usually participate to enable my sister to beat me!

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