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The Old Man and the Sea

When Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the sea, she was the author he was twenty years ago. His talent was declining, over the last ten years was in bad books to good people, and to wear very hard life he lived was very bad. But somehow, she managed to delay at this stage in my life produced a final masterpiece, and his very best novels.

Hemingway's story is simple. All his books are simple on the surface. Very simply described the increase in the sun, but this simple psychological and interpersonal complexity beneath the legend treasure is. Old man and the sea is really easy, is a story about an ordinary man, with simple ideas, a simple life with a simple, elemental encounter with the natural world with: he battles a giant marlin that he failed to catches to bring to market. The failure of success in the middle of a quiet stoicism and courage, story, and challenges in the world that refuses to throw. Most of all, it is a story about courage.

The story told so clearly that a very young child can understand it. It said that an adult can marvel over it's marvelously. When my daughter was six, I read this to him, and he loved it (even a child's development with the charm of DiMaggio).

The Nobel Prize as a whole for his or her work is an author, and not just a book, it may well be that without this book Hemingway would not win awards. His best work had appeared in the 1920s and 1930s, much to his work and his work in the 1940s was almost all off early short stories, a farewell to arms, and the sun also rises quality is down. Old man and the sea was his great comeback, and it is quite likely that this book that being selected as the recipient of his award was the difference.

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