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The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge (Costa Winner)

THE LIE TREE by Frances Hardinge has just (Jan 2016) won Costa Children's Book of 2015 and the Costa Book of the Year.  It's a 19th century story about a teenage girl, Faith, who travels to an island in the English Channel (I think) with her mother and father. Father is a scientific parson who is engaged in excavations. Father is murdered and the story is about how resourceful Faith attempts to find out who did it. It's a complicated story involving fossils, scientific investigation, Darwinism, professional jealousies, Women's Place in Society and a mysterious shrub that thrives in darkness and - if you eat its fruit - enables you to tell believable lies.  There's a lot going on which the author handles splendidly.  Although described as a children's book, this is a somewhat demanding read for younger readers and with a challenging vocabulary and concepts. Unusual and stimulating. It'll make a good film.

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