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The Invention of Murder - Judith Flanders

Fascinating exploration of how murder developed as mass media entertainment in the C19.  How high profile murders, murderers and victims became oft mythologised staples in broadsides and penny gaffs & exploited in "murder tourism" (25 Cromwell Street name plate anyone Shocked ), the development of the art of detection and rise of detectives as fictional heroes.  

There are some great illustrations and photographs including some oh so tasteful (and doubtless very expensive) china souvenirs of the 1820s Red Barn murder.  

I've not long started reading this... and am not the quickest reader, but I think anyone who liked Mr Whicher would enjoy it.

Hi GML, it is lovely to hear from you again.
I've just been reading a review of your book in The Oldie and it does sound quite fascinating. I've read of Penny Dreadfuls but not read any, and I am an admirer of Wilkie Collins.
Green Jay

I read a review of this too, a few weeks back, and thought it looked very interesting, ...and yes, a sort of continuation of some of the ideas in Mr Wicher.

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