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The Beauty of Books

The Beauty of Books - BBC4, Monday 7th Feb, 8.30pm.

Sadly I can't get BBC4, so will have to remember to watch in iPlayer, but this could be good - certainly fab to see, in the trailer, people promoting the book as the utterly fabulous piece of technology it is!

I hope it is done as well as the BBC4 series on maps, if so it will be very good.

I've seen all the 'The Beauty of Books' programme and enjoyed them, but we really are in quart in pint pot country aren't we?  This week's was about illustration in children's books but so much time was devoted to Tenniel's pictures for Alice that there wasn't much time for anything else.  The Victorian age is a wonderful period for illustration, what a pity the programme wasn't longer. We got a mere glimpse of Doyle's pictures for Ruskin's 'The King of the Golden River', none of Arthur Hughes' for George Macdonald's fairy tales, Linley Sambourne for 'The Water Babies', and all those Andrew Lang 'coloured Fairy Books.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the final programme. Can I hope for Arthur Rackham, Emund Dulac, EH Shepherd, Edward Ardizzone, Heath Robinson and loads of others?

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