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Summer Reading 2012

I have five books which are doing the rounds on my reading table this summer:

Wolf Hall  by Hilary Mantel

Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell

The Go Between by LP Hartley (have only seen the movie, HAD to read it!)

And, Born Under Saturn by Margot and Rudolf Wittkower

Ah yes, and my summer Maeve Binchy; Minding Frankie Very Happy

Welcome to the board from me! I've also got Wolf Hall waiting to be read, but I'm not sure I want to take it away on holiday with me. I'm going to France at the end of the month and will probably take something suitably French (Zola's Germinal? though perhaps I will need some light relief from that).

You're in for a treat with The Go-Between. A very good film, but a better book. And it demands to be read at the height of summer - make sure you wait until the rain has stopped (if it ever does).

Ah, the Wittkower...I have that on the TBR shelf're not an escapee from an Oxford online art history course, are you, Derfel?

I will try again with Wolf Hall at some point - just couldn't get into it when I tried.  But I am certainly in a minority with that.
Green Jay

I read The Go Between earlier this year, and found it stunning. Read it in hot weather, wearing a Norfolk jacket!
Green Jay

My summer holiday reading consists of a few thrillers I picked up secondhand, and I've just downloaded Wilkie Collins' Armadale and No Name on to my Kindle. Also Three Men In A Boat.

Taking a Kindle and a pile of paperbacks is a bit belt-and-braces. I'm always afraid of running out of books, even though I'm not going abroad. But I always act irrationally as if it won't be possible to buy shampoo/deodorant etc etc wherever I'm going, and an appealing book is even less likely to be found.
Green Jay

Just found this on The Omnivore blog

summer reading of the famous, 1968:


Yes, Evie, you've got me pinned correctly! Those courses do influence my reading! Even down to the 'Go Between.'  Greek Myths and Mercury, you see - the messenger.

Thanks Chibiabos!  Germinal? Now I'm curious!  You are so right about the rain, there is no end to it!  We will have summer in October perhaps.

I always take very light reading mat. for travelling - unless it's a loong plane trip - I'm keeping 'Wolf Hall' at home, for quieter surroundings; it wasn't easy to get the gist of it, but thanks to some preknowledge of the characters, I finally picked up the thread.  It's perspective is interesting -- and the background details are great.

Green Jay, great link; thanks!!  Looking back at 1968 is strange...  I was 17. Very Happy  Too young to go to Woodstock alone, (so my parents said, but old enough to work all summer!)

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