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Something funny to read

Just something funny for a Thursday morning.  I don't think it needs to be about Americans, it applies just as much to Brits - can't speak for Canada, NZ, Belgium or any other country!

I had a quick glance at the first and last sentences of that. Was it anything important? It seems awfully long for an article.

Very Happy
Green Jay

If there's anything important in there, I'm sure they'll let us know another way

I'm afraid that's my attitude to my work email inbox and my in-tray.  Confused

Sad Well I must admit these days my sons' reactions to print are pretty much the same.

That is funny but also so true, I sent an email, and the other person replied saying I didn't read it all because it was too much to read!  Shocked

That's priceless, Apple!

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Things that don't fit anywhere else
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