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Magic Flutey

Snowdrop walks

Went to Chirk Castle NT snowdrop walk today.Hope you are all OK Flutey

I hope that it was as beautiful as it sounds.

Good to see you Flutey.


Hi Flutey!

None of my spring flowers are more than 2 inches tall yet.  And no sign of flower buds.....I think they got too much water....

Lovely to see you, Flutey!  Hope you are well.

I only know Chirk as the name of one of the stops on my once-regular train journeys to Wrexham.  The snowdrop walk sounds lovely.  I haven't seen much evidence of spring shoots here, but perhaps I haven't been looking - it does generally seem to be dark when I am out of doors!  I did notice a magnolia tree in a neighbour's garden is full of fat buds - it's one of those star-type magnolias, and is stunning every year.  Good to know spring is on the way.

Just to make you all jealous, the temperature here is 11C (just about as cold as it gets here actually) but in our garden we have in flower Bird of Paradise, Hibuscus, Geraniums, Cinneraria, Cape Daisies, Arum lilies in bud and just outside my study window in front of me as I type, two beautiful almond trees in full blossom, one white and one pink.

Sounds glorious, bookfreak!  Of course, on my way to work today, I did notice all sorts of bulbs shooting up, and some crocuses in flower.  I think with the weather we've been having, I have just been concentrating on getting from A to B and not looking around me as much as I usually do - it's still a novelty,  now that the ice has gone, not to have to look at the pavement all the time!
Gul Darr

Hi Flutey, sounds lovely. I remember visiting Chirk years ago, but it was  the wrong time of year for snowdrops.

First day of Spring today, could feel it running through my veins!

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