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Snatch of poetry

In a book I am reading about WW2 is these three lines:
        'an jest for 'alf a yard o'mud
        Between two blades o'grass...'
        But the ants said,'We are fighting the battle of peace!'

I think it's from a poem about WW1 - Rudyard Kipling? - but I don't know whether it is at the beginning or the end.
Any suggestions?

No doubt like you, Castor-Boy, I have tried googling this, and can't find the quote, but I did see the following in Google Books in Telemachus, son of Ulysses.  It follows by a bit about Jupiter bringing peace. (Not that I ever noticed that he did.)

"the vastest multitudes, and most numerous armies, appear but as ants contending about a blade of grass on this piece of mud."

Not much help, sorry.  (Quite nice to know you can't find everything by googling though.)

Cheers, Caro.

You’re right Caro. I’ve looked at the context of the quote. It is by a professional writer, Maggie Joy Blunt, who kept a diary during WW2.
The date is Jan 29 1942 when the British and German armies exchanged control of the same territory along the southern shore of the Mediterranean. I think Ms.Blunt remembered her Odyssey and paraphrased the verse to criticize the British government.
After all, just about every politician justifies going to war by saying ‘We are fighting to restore peace’.
As for googling, I never gave it a thought ‘cos I was sure a members of the Board would identify the reference.
So well done Caro.

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