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Interesting that out of all Shakespeare plays,
only 2 are original
The Tempest
Midsummer Night's Dream

All the rest of the plays are taken from stories,
myth and history.

The bloke had absolutely no originality at all. His reputation really does puzzle me.

Ah, that explains JK Rowling's popularity too, then - completely original, didn't borrow from anywhere else - really, Shakespeare should have realised we'd twig eventually!   Wink

its also curious that we dont have  any of
his manuscripts.... or letters... all we have is his signature
on some poxy will !

We have manuscripts and letters of his
contempory  poets and playwrights...

I dont want to start a rumour, but did he really
exist ?   or is he,  like Jesus Chist ... a concoction
made from ancient myths and mystery religions !


Some might contend that there is more evidence for the existence of Christ than of Shakespeare!  Indeed, I don't think anyone doubts that Christ existed, while there are those who doubt that Shakespeare did.

But only those who hold dear to particular kinds of historical evidence could doubt the existence of either.  There is more than enough evidence to prove that they both existed.  It's whether he wrote the plays that is still being disputed by some...but all the best things in life rely on faith.  Cool

Could it be that a team of writers put together
the Shakespeare canon  and concocted a ficticious
name  .... maybe to dodge taxation or some similar
   The big London theatres of the time were
probably the equivalent of the big Hollywood studios
in the 20th cent , there was enormous pressure
to create new material for the stage.
It was all driven by commercial  pressures after all, there was big money to be made at the box office......
(to say nothing of the  beer and wine sales)

Shakespeare... ie ..  "shaker of the spear..."
an epithet of  Pallas Athene the Greek Goddess
who was also patroness of literature.
... hmm, its all beginning to make sense !

Shakespeare's enterprising father John and aristocrat mother Mary Arden are well-documented. John was active in local government, and there are 160+ references to him in the Stratford-upon-Avon council records.

Goldbug, I am not sure why you are worried about Shakespeare's existence!  My post was tongue in cheek, but as Mike says, there is plenty of evidence...

Im beginning to wonder if Robin Hood ever
existed.... not to mention Father Christmas !

You mean there is doubt about Father Christmas too...?  I did wonder why he had been ignoring me a bit lately.

Dante and Petrach died centuries before Shakespeare.... yet their manuscripts have survived !

There are manuscripts of Shakespeare's  contemporaries in abundance.

The diarist.... Phillip Henslow.... mentions most  of the playwrites of the day.... yet  never once mentions
the name ... Shakespeare !

Its all very mysterious !

Heminge and Condell (to whom there ought to be a statue I sometimes nod to them when I pass the church where they're buried (St Mary Aldermanbury) near the Museum of London) must have assembled the First Folio from original manuscripts.  Did they just deliver the plays in Shakespeare's original hand to the printers I wonder.  I expect some were acting copies amended and altered by actors.  It's a miracle they survived at all. I wonder what happened to them.  After being set up in type, pushed on a shelf. Forgotten.  Must have got lost, or burned.  (Not in the Fire of London, 1666, that was on the other side of the Thames). How careless. Perhaps they're all lying hidden somewhere waiting to be discovered.

I was shocked to discover that the Folger Shakespeare Library in the USA possesses about 70 First Folios. How come they managed to acquire so many?  I think they ought to be spread about a bit.

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