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Seeing Alexander McCall Smith in person

I don't see anywhere for writing about the authors you have been to listen to or met.  Yesterday my husband and I went to see Alexander McCall Smith as part of the Dunedin Writers Festival.  He was speaking in the St Paul's Cathedral (!) which was packed.  Later the presenter, another Scottish author Liam someone, said it would have been a long time since St Paul's had had so much laughter in it.

It was a lovely hour long talk, with a few questions from Liam to keep him going and then some questions from the floor, book buying and signing.  He spoke about Botswana women, dogs, his characters, why he writes of the lighter side of life, how he writes, and about Bertie and Irene, and his own philosophy coming through his characters.   He was a very pleasant companion - I was amused that he didn't in the least mind laughing at his own stories, and found his characters and their actions as funny as we do.  We bought one of the Scotland Street series, (Bertie Plays the Blues) which I haven't read a lot of, finding Irene a bit tiresome.  Cost $27.99 which is rather expensive for a little paperback, but he has given me lots of pleasure from library books and second-hand ones, so I don't begrudge it really.  We are leaving for Britain (again) in less than a week, so will take it with us for some light entertainment.

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