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Russell Hoban

Author Russell Hoban has died, aged 86. A brilliant, very original writer. I'm a fan of his post-apocalyptic novel, 'Riddley Walker' which I first read about 30 years ago, and have just dug out again to re-read. Set in Kent, 2,000 years after a nuclear holocaust, it's an amazing, and challenging book, written in an idiosyncratic language and depicting a dystopian future.
He also wrote children's fiction, notably 'The Mouse and his Child' which I haven't read but which is a modern classic.
Anyone else here a fan of his work? I do recommend 'Riddley Walker'.

Hi Klara, yes I'm a fan, particularly of Riddley Walker - a truly extraordinary novel. Gareth got it out of the library on hearing the news the other day. I think my second-favourite Hoban novel is "The Medusa Frequency" - wildly imaginative in that Hobanesque way.

There is a small thread in "When an author dies" here:

cheers, Mike
Billy the Fish

Funnily enough, we did Riddley Walker for book group just recently. I'd wanted to read something by Hoban since my A-level lecturer recommended The Lion of Jachin-Boaz and Boaz-Jachin; but I've never been able to find it in shops.

As far as Riddley Walker goes, I think I found the style more interesting than the content; plot-wise, I don't think it was up to that much, but its' importance lies far more in the way it was written. Style over substance? Maybe,

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Author, author! A forum for threads about individual authors.
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