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Reviews Written By Children

Message 1 - posted by captain_hugo (U6614755) ,                Nov 14, 2006
Does anyone know of a children's book review website run by kids? My 10-year old daughter is an avid reader and loves to talk about the stories she reads. Plus she's getting into website design, so I think she'd love to contribute to a website like this. I think there is such a thing, as I recall hearing something about it on the radio or tv about a year ago, but don't remember where or what it's called.
Anyone know, or any other suggestions?  
Message 4 - posted by verityktw (U1755629) ,                      Nov 14, 2006
Again, not the answer to your question, but Red House books have children writing reviews.
Message 5 - posted by iwishiwas (U1770992) ,                      Nov 14, 2006
I think you will be interested in this site

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