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Poetry anthologies

I have been reading, as I have already said, Favourite Poems: 101 Children's Classics, a Scholastic book, published in 2016, so very recent.  No individual editor is named.

The poems are arranged thematically and I woud have changed the order.  The last sections are Fairytale and Fantasy, Nonsense Rhymes, and Riddles and Rhymes so sometimes a bit trivial.  Perhaps to end on a more uplifting note than War and Death, though that could have come earlier, before some of the other catagories, like Love, What it is to be Human, Childhood and Old Age, History and Legend.

I don't think I have seenothers I have liked more than the two I have already mentioned: A Poet to his Baby Son and The Grey Squirrel.  Some are a bit surprising:  they had To Autumn by Keats (which I wondered if its target audience was an older cohort, but they also had one I had never read before by him called A Song About Myself.  Each verse (quite long verses) started There was a naughty boy, And a naughty boy was he..."  It was another one about writing poetry.

I'm not sure if Dulce et Decorum est is really a child's poem.  And I was surprised that while I knew that last lines in Latin I couldn't have quoted a single other line in the poem, all in English. They also have his Futility there.  

Have any of you come across this little book?

I own dozens of anthologies - my shelves groan with them. From the indispensable Oxford anthologies to thematic volumes of all kinds.  Among my most treasured are some by Walter de la Mare from the 1930s, who was an anthologist of genius.  'Early one Morning' (childhood), 'Love', 'Behold This Dreamer' (Night & Sleep), 'Desert Islands' and his marvellous book for children 'Come Hither'.

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