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Poems that make Grown Men Cry

POEMS THAT MAKE GROWN MEN CRY (Simon & Schuster. 2014) edited by Anthony and Ben Holden, is, I think, something of a publishing gimmick and a catchpenny title.  The editors have asked 100 well-known men – mostly working in the Arts - to name the poem that they are unable to read without blubbing.  I was a bit dubious at first, but it turns out to be a very intriguing and interesting collection. Each poem is printed with a biography of the chooser, plus his reasons for choosing the poem, and why it makes them lachrymose.  It’s a wide-ranging selection with some familiar verses and quite a few unfamiliar ones. Auden has the most (5) followed by Hardy & Larkin with 3 each.   If asked which poems bring tears to my eyes I’d have to say Wilfrid Owen’s ‘Strange Meeting’ which I could never read to a class, and Byron’s ‘So we’ll go no more a roving’.  The latter grows more poignant as the years go by and I get older.

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