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Klara Z

Please visit my other blog...

if you have time. I'm not quite sure how 'blog spot' networking operates, but I've found at least two other interesting book blogs on there.

My blog is here:-

Thanks for that Klara - I shall most certainly be visiting it.

And this seems a good opportunity to publicise my own blog, which I started recently:

It is mainly books-based, and, as you can see, I have brushed up all the notes I put up on this board last year on Shakespeare, and put them up on my blog. I may well carry out more raids on old posts from this board.
Klara Z

Thanks for that link, Himadri---I'll bookmark it for future reference!

Hope you don't mind, Klara, but since we're drawing attention to our blogs rather than discussing books as such, I thought I'd move this thread to this forum.
Klara Z

No problem, Himadri!

I've just put up a post on Ibsen on my blog:


Please do take a look!

I haven't publicised my own recently started blog on this board because there's nothing on it about books yet - at least, nothing I haven't already posted here - but if you'd care to take a look:

I would welcome contributions (i.e. comments) from all, but suspect it will only be added to very occasionally in the coming months because coursework has to take precedence. Come September I will be free from the responsibilities of study and research.

Let's jump on the bandwagon then...

Only a few posts so far. I'm hoping to get some more reviews and (very) short fiction up before long.

I find myself pondering on some literary theory...


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