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Please help me in my research!

Hi, I'm a student from Poland and I'm doing a research for my M.A. thesis. I need to find people who are willing to fill out a short 15 minute survey containing a few excerpts from a old Polish book in its two translation versions and say which they like better. I strongly ask for your help as I have to collect over 80 responds...

here is the link:

and as answers can't be written there, please send me them on my email ( or here as a forum private message...

If anyone is wondering, the link is safe, but as tequilaSunrise says you cannot reply to the survey on the page, you need to write out answers and send them by e-mail or Private Message.

thank you for checking that, and I also want  to say that if anyone wants I will send the survey via email in .doc format

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Things that don't fit anywhere else
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