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Please - can I come back?

I'm sorry to say, I haven't been around lately. Nothing dramatic - just a disinclination to sit at a computer in an unheated upstairs room in the fairly limited time the machine is available to me. I couldn't post anything coherent in the circumstances, let alone read what everyone else had written. But I have missed you all, so I've made up my mind to be brave and log on to Big Readers at least once a day, even if it is only for fifteen minutes.

Don't expect pages and pages from me - I want to catch up a little with recent discussions and find out what has been happening before I start to add very much. But I will try hard, really I will...

Hooray! Yes, please come back. Everyone welcome, no matter how infrequently they post.

Can you come back? What a question! No! - Of course not!

Welcome back - it's good to see you again.

Chris, we need you!  I understand the circumstances that can make logging on difficult or unappealing...but just don't leave us for good!

Thanks chaps! I hope to be along later today with some book-related chat.

Himadri, how you've changed since I went away! You used to be quite a handsome devil, but these days you seem to be rather a figure of fun! Seems to happen to most men in the end, so I suppose it was inevitable.

I used to be Christopher Lee with blood-splattered jowls – and I’m not sure that quite counts as “handsome”. But I’m getting a bit tired of this South Park picture, and was thinking of switching back to Sir Christopher. As for being a figure of fun – well, it’s a bit too late to do much about that now!  Very Happy

I must admit, Himadri, I prefered Mr Lee - and you could always be Boris Karloff or some other nightmare figure to ensure you get that respect and fear you deserve. Very Happy

OK - avatar changed. I'm back to being Count dracula again!

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Who are you? How are you? Where are you? etc.
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