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Pleasantly surprised by new author

I got a book for christmas, hadn't heard of it, so expectations weren't too high. But I've just finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a novel, a character piece following two characters who are desperate to achieve their dreams. Its set in the world of professional golf and tennis, but you don't have to be a big fan of either at all to enjoy the book. Oh and the book is called 'Immortal Dreams', by Rob Watson. My mum bought it for me online, not sure if it's in the shops yet. It's always good to discover a new author.
Has anyone else read it?
Or has anyone else recently had that pleasant surprise of a book being better than you expected??
Joe Mac

Recently? Yes! Keith Richards' autobiography, Life, was quite a bit better than I had expected. And a novel called The Island of Unrequited Dreams was a delightful surprise. The author is Wayne Johnson or Johnston maybe.

I'm sure there are many more such surprises out there waiting for me to discover them. What fun!

Re: Pleasantly surprised by new author

Nikki26 wrote:
one else read it?
Or has anyone else recently had that pleasant surprise of a book being better than you expected??

The short stories of Henry James gave me a such a surprise. I had read articles about his complicated and convoluted sentences but it wasn't explained that this was as a result of the precise phrases which James used to define exactly what he meant, Neither did they explain the understated humour which allows one to use one's imagination to agree with his vision or enhance that vision from our own experiences. And although his is reckoned to be a Victorian and Edwardian writer some of the social themes he deals with are current today.

Nikki, that was a good question; the books people read are obviously of interest but so is the reason why they choose a particular book. The reasons can be as fascinating and as various as the types of book available.

Hi Nikki, I've just read 'Searching for Scarlet' by Rob Watson, I'm guessing it's the same guy. That was actually a crime thriller and was definitely up there with any crime thrillers I've read, and I've read a lot! Interesting that he has different genres. I'm going to look for 'Immortal Dreams' now.

Wendy xoxox

I have always associated H V Morton with travel books so I was pleasantly surprised with Blue Days at Sea, a collection of essays covering a variety of subjects with a very humorous slant. Although published in 1932 the essay on Am-Dram seems so true to the situation today. One of our TV stations has just finished broadcasting a series of programmes covering am-dram societies in both a city and a rural community called Showtime, and what Morton has to say is spot on. I'm sure I can smell the greasepaint!

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