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Phew what a scorcher!!!

I know its not book related but I can't help but mention the extremely bloody hot weather we are having at the moment!!

Certainly makes a change from the last two non existent so called summers we have had to endure!

Being in the Midlands we are getting it quite hot indeed, this is a photo I took this morning in my hallway - the coolest part of the house!!

I have recently had my son from Australia visiting, he was shivering and regretting not bringing his thick coat.
Jen M

When I got in my car just before 5pm yesterday the outside temperature was 30.5!  About 10 minutes later, the heavens opened and by the time I got home, another 15 minutes later, the temperature was 16.5 and the rain had stopped.

I love summer!

We have to have some too-hot days to feel we've had a proper summer.

There has been a layer of flat cloud over us for the last 3 days which is holding in the heat and the fumes.  The air quality is awful!

Still had the windows open at 10:30 last night when Murray was wrapping up the match. No use for pyjamas or duvets at the moment!

My brain has been turned to pulp by the heat.  I'm reading "Past Imperfect" by Julian Fellowes for my book club's summer read.   It's a Richard and Judy selection and I'm sure that at least one member of this board would describe it as "Tesco trash"   but I'm quite enjoying it.sunny
Green Jay

The temperature in my office was nearing 30 and that was with a fan on. Like working in a bowl of soup! I hate working in a building that you're always having to use energy to either keep it warm enough or to try and cool it down. And light it, even on bright days. Crap 1970s design.

We too have had a layer of cloud and lots of fog, and certainly no days which could be considered hot. The local forecast tonight said cool by the weekend so I'm guessing we've missed it. Damn it!

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