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Paying more for big books

My heart sank a little at the news today that Amazon is going to pay authors according to how many pages of a book a person reads.  I have already said frequently here that I wish trivial books could be shorter, rather than these doorstoppers.  I don't mind spending time on Anna Karenina (even though I didn't like it much) or The Luminaries or others with something to say, but crime novels seem to be getting longer and longer and it doesn't seem to me like something that should be encouraged.

Apart from my own wishes, paying an author like Ian McEwan less because he manages to write what he needs to say in fewer words than some lesser writers hardly seems something that should be punished!  

In fact it is easier to read (I know Himadri doesn't agree with this, but it is the case for most readers) light books with little lasting impact, so this is likely to mean more as well as longer ones of these are written.  Surely we should be encourging excellent writing not just more words.
Joe McWilliams

I agree, Caro. let's encourage excellence by all means. One way to do it is by recommending the best of what we read on forums like this one. Amazon schmamazon; I don't know or care about it.

How's that for being out of touch? Very Happy

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