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Off tripping

Tomorrow (!) we are off!  We are travelling to Hong Kong for three days and then onto to Heathrow, then train that night up to Sheffield where our two sons live.  Eight weeks away, with a week in a cottage in Kent with the kids, time with Toby and his third birthday, a week in Italy (probably), a few days in London, and others bits and bobs.  Bath?  Wales probably as our daughter-in-law's parents live there.

There is a hiccup - the weather today has meant Dunedin's airport has been closed and we are flying out of there at 9.55 tomorrow.  A bit worrying since we already were short of time at Auckland, arriving there after the time we were supposed to be, but the travel agents said that would be all right.  

The packing is mostly done, my books are packed, though not enough of them for my liking (about Cool, the work has been tidied up, though not the house much, our clothes are chosen for the flight (though the sandals and three-quarter-lengths I am wearing in anticipation of HK weather may look a little out-of-place in the rainy conditions.  Ah, well.  Still washing to do, dish-washing, nail polish to put on, rubbish to put out in the morning, but that's about it.

I am thinking of being stuck in the plane toilets, being too hot in HK, having sore feet, having to walk up hills.  But have to remember also seeing Toby, watching Jersey Boys, following in my father's war footsteps a little, seeing inside Westminster Abbey for the first time, and retreading Malcolm's early history in Ramsgate.

Cheers, Caro.

Sounds wonderful. Have a great time, Caro!

Enjoy yourselves!!
Jen M

Sounds fantastic, Caro!  A bit of everything, catching up and spending time with family, touristy things - historic places and scenery, family history, a show... I loved Jersey Boys.  (I am amazed it is three years since you told us of Toby's arrival)

Enjoy - hope you will be able to drop into the board now and then.
Joe McWilliams

Lucky you, Caro, at least it looks that way from here. I would love to have that much time to roam, not to mention the lucre.

My wife and I have just returned, as it happens, from a one-week jaunt to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, over there on the west coast. Particularly interesting to me was the collection of art and artifacts and illustration of the lifestyles of the coastal native people. It was - and perhaps is - entirely different from the more popular notions of the way of life 'American Indian', especially the prairie ones, among whom we live.
You can't throw a rock around there without hitting a totem pole.

Loads of tourists, too, many of them British. Overheard at the Royal BC Museum snack bar: 'Ah...can I have a packet of crisps,' please?
'A what?'

As long as you can fly out of Dunedin on time there should be no problem in Auckland as the sun is shining brightly and the forecast is good. Bon Voyage - I'm sure you will enjoy the holiday and catching up with the family.

My turn to sign off for a few weeks, while I am away on my travels. In theory, I shall have access to the internet while I am away, and will be taking my iPad with me, but past experience proves that the sort of places where we will be staying - small hotels, and campsites - offer a less than reliable wi-fi connection, so the best I can really hope for is the occasional chance to keep up with current discussion. I will be back at the beginning of August, and may even have some holiday reading to report on!

Have a nice time Chris.  I find even when we have wifi I am often just too tired to want to write.  We are now back in Britain, almost away home again after two months.  This time we had all our family there for a week in a cottage in Bodmin, Cornwall.  I was uncertain how it would go, since the boys can be argumentative, but it worked really well.

In Sheffield for the Tour de France yesterday - having to walk up a large hill.  Sore legs today.  And we've had train trips to Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge. And time in Dorset and Devon.

Have had wonderful weather too.

Good to be updated. I hope the weather has been behaving for you. It's been pretty good in Cambridge recently. Looking forward to having you back on (the) board!

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