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Obesity and The Last Supper

I know this is mostly about art, but I have been reading Savor by Thich Nhat Hahn and this was posted on the Facebook page.  Maybe you read it this week in The Guardian or Independent.  Also, Jamie Oliver has been doing a Food Revolution program over here on childhood obesity. Evie, have you seen this?

So Jamie Oliver is trying to make America healthier too?!

He had a big campaign over here a year or so ago to make school dinners healthier more freshly prepared stuff and less junk food.
Green Jay

I think his school dinner campaign was longer ago than that, and it certainly worked in a way as the politicians suddenly took notice that the school dinner service was generally rubbish with very little spent on it per head, many schools having had their kitchens knocked down, their trained cooks long gone, and being just a re-heating service. Although school dinners - even with cooks and kitchens - have always been famous for their inedible qualities.  Smile  But in the era of free enterprise, schools were amazingly allowed to have fizzy drinks companies install vending machines in the corridors, and canteens served chips and pizza every day because that's all kids ever wanted to buy. Very hard for parents with different standards to compete with that. Though there were those famous mums who posted burgers through the school fence to their darlings once a healthier regime was imposed in the school canteen!

He ought to work on hospital food, too.

I think it was now thinking about it!! its just time goes so quickly what you think was a couple of years or so ago turns out to be about 5 or 6 if not more - quite scary really!!

In fact I was thinking about something the other day that it was not long ago it happened and when I looked through my diaries to find out it turned out to be 8 years ago!!  Shocked
Green Jay

Yes, Apple, exactly. It's quite worrying. Both me and my other half do this regularly - say something was a couple of years ago and then count it up and it's much longer. We also keep saying we didn't realise that such-and-such a famous person (a generation older than us, maybe) was so old ...but I think it is because we are no longer 30 and forget that that's the case. As you say, scary!

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