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Literary issues
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A writer on the writing process
Shift in acceptable use of commas
Writing dialogue
Hardy's 'austere artistic code'
Waffle or wonderful? Verbosity in fiction and non-fiction.
Melodrama in novels
Literary fan letters
Virginia Woolf on reading
The "relevance" of literatures of the past
Harry Potter and the Childish Adult
What makes a good writer?
Last lines
Social commentary
Works we studied in school
Is the long, narrative novel a thing of the past?
How we talk about books
Houses in fiction
Famous for the wrong book?
Classical literature
Arts subsidies
50 books a year for the young ones?
The teaching of literature
Political Correctness
Literary Howlers
Good Writing and Bad Writing
Present Imperfect?
Prof Josipovici has a rant...
Fathers In Literature
They write like...
Authors we don't read any more
The novel, & other literary forms
What is melodrama?
The Unreliable Narrator
Artists' intentions
Great Endings Of Novels
Vanity Publishing
Extended, revised, 'directors cut' editions
Word use in novels
Gay Novels
The End of Books
Happy Endings?
Public libraries - decline & fall
Re-reading Books
Literature, music and art
Being Well Read
Writting and Wordprocessors - Good or Bad?
Something happened - no it didn't!
What's in a name?
Literature: when do we start?
Abridged works
Authorial presence
Is it better? Subjective and objective
What makes a good book a good book?
What is a novel?
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