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Whitcoulls' top books as chosen by readers
Ten Favourite Scottish Novels
My Life in Books: Our Choices
Books to kickstart a reluctant reader
Library of America
Michael H's Childhood Reading
An oik's guide to childhood books
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Gareth's top 20 children's books
My Favouite Top 5 Books as a child by Hector
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My top ten favourite childrens books (when I was a kid)
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Your Own Short Story Anthology
Art of Manliness Man's Essential Reading List
Top 50 women authors from 1960 on
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A View From Across the Pond
A top 67 and 1/3
My Top 85 (and ramblings thereon)
My Top 74 1/4 novels
My Top 85 Books
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My Top 50 Novels
My Top 100 Novels
1000 Novels Everyone Must Read
Classics List
Richard and Judy Booklist 2009
Books for giving
Everyman Library 100 Essentials
What I really want for Christmas...
Desert Island Books.
Dear Santa...
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