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Norman Maccaig

A bitter-sweet poem for dog-lovers.
She was a small dog, neat and fluid-
even her conversation was tiny:
she greeted you with BOW, never BOW-WOW.

Her sons stood monumentally over her
but did what she told them. Each grew grizzled
till it seemed he was his own mother's grandfather.

Once, gathering sheep on a showery day,
I remarked how dry she was. Pollochan said, 'Ah,
it would take a very accurate drop to hit Lassie.'

She sailed in a dinghy like a proper sea-dog.
Where's the burn - she's first on the other side.
She flowed through fences like a piece of black wind.

But suddenly she was old and sick and crippled...
I grieved for Pollochan when he took her for a stroll
and put his gun to the back of her head.

Something in the style of George Mackay Brown, I think.

It's a lovely wee poem, thank you David.

I wonder how you are accessing this site.  You might get more responses if you put this on the Poetry forum within it.  If you go to the full site and check down the right-hand side you will see the different forums and can choose from them.  Inside the poetry one is one for individual poems Poem of the Day.  Your poems would fit there much better than on the Introduction forum.  On the right hand side if you go to Posts since your last visit you will see new posts.

I've had another look and if you come straight here to the Hello and Welcome part then you need to go to Forum Index (the right hand thing of the dark blue line) and that will take you to other threads and forums.  

Cheers, Caro.

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