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New grandson

I have a new grandson!  My second son and his wife had a baby on Sunday, an emergency Caesarean and earlier than expected.  (My knitting is not finished!).  He is called Peter, but a second name has not been chosen yet.  Apart from his weight - 7lb 6oz - , I don't know what he looks like at all yet.

Congratulations to all concerned  angel13  Is that the son who lives in Sheffield, Caro?

No, this one is in New Plymouth.  Two of my sons are in England now, and one in the North Island!  And in a rather out-of-the-way part of it too.

Many congratulations to you, and to your family![/i]


Wonderful news, Caro - just lovely!

Congratulations grandma!  Very Happy

Fantastic news! Thanks for sharing it with us, congratulations to all from me x

Congratulation!  Is that two grandchildren you have now?

Congratulations Caro and family. I hope the new mother makes a swift recovery.
Joe McWilliams

Congratulations, Caro. I find myself starting to wish for grandchildren, in spite of at the same time believing my kids aren't ready to have children of their own.
Anyway, warmest wishes.

Two sons in England! How odd. Canada would have been a better choice. Laughing

Congratulations to you and your family, Caro.

Many congratulations from me too Caro. I envy you! I hope he is thriving and his mother not in too much pain!

Thanks for all your good wishes.  I am hoping for a photo soon - my son, while quite competent with technology, doesn't bother with it much, so no photos by email.  And we aren't on Facebook, but I doubt if he has put any there either.

Joe, my youngest son and his wife spent three days in Vancouver on the way to England, and liked it a lot.  They said they could live there.  Let's ope not - their plans are to settle in NZ in a couple of years.  Probably in the North Island, though.

Congratulations, Caro! Every single one is just as exciting as the first. I hope they are all doing well, and that you get to have some cuddling time before too long. I haven't had much time to keep up with Big Readers recently, but this did seem to deserve a response! Best wishes to the whole family.

Tomorrow I am flying up to visit my son, his wife, and my grandson, who now has the name of Peter Owen.  Quite a traditional name.  I am not totally keen on the flying bit - two flights to get there, and one lands in Wellington which is a frightening place to land - you are still over the sea when the plane is virtually landing.  And it gets a lot of wind.

I'll be away nearly a week.  The knitting got finished tonight - a little scarlet hoodie.  Despite having a neatly organised thing full of about 1000 buttons, naturally there are not three of the same kind, colour and right size when you want them.

And despite owning several thousand books, most of which I think I want to read, when it comes to choosing a couple to take with me I can't seem to find anything suitable.  However Dombey is coming, my new book club book Sonata for Miriam, Nice Work by David Lodge, a Ruth Rendall and a couple of NZ non-fiction books. Surely that will keep me going.

Cheers, Caro.

The scarlet hoodie sounds fab!  And matching buttons are so yesterday...

Have a lovely time.

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