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New forum for discussing art and art history

Just to mention  that I have set up a new forum along the same lines as this one, for discussing art and written art history.  It has grown out of an online course I have been tutoring this term, with a particularly engaged group of mature students - engaged with the material and with each other - who are sad at the thought that the course will finish next week, and there are no others running over the summer.  So I have set up the website for them and for future online students - but it is most definitely a place where anyone who wants to talk about art is welcome.

If you want to have a look or join in, here is the link:

Sounds good! Hope its a success for you! I like some art but am guessing my opinions probably wouldn't fit on a site aimed at Uni students.

What I know about art can be written on the back of a postage stamp with a blackboard marker, but I'm tempted to join simply so I can choose an arty avatar (in my mind I look like Murillo's peasant boy leaning on a sill). I'll try and do it next week when my life's less panicky.

Named for the Bosch triptych, Evie? Seems like a good idea, but I'm afraid I'm very sketchy on anything much before the impressionists (and probably only slightly less sketchy on anything since).

Oh, I don't expect people to join, Mike - just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was interested.  But yes - named after the Bosch painting - I wanted something that showed the site's roots in a course on the Northern Renaissance but that would be meaningful for discussion of art generally.  I must find out who coined that title - something I really ought to know, but don't!

Hello Gareth, a reproduction of that Murillo has been part of my life for years - a reproduction hangs on my sister's wall.  And to think it was you all the time.  M.

Oh, I didn't look like that even when I was five, Mike! but I've always thought it was a sweet picture.

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