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MyFastForum - threat of closure

Dear all,

You may have noticed an advert appearing at the top of pages on this forum that says 'Please help to prevent the forum from being closed - Crowd Funding' and directs to this page:

I doubt that the immediate survival of this message board is under threat (any more than it already was, with so few regular posters), but it seems MyFastForum/MyFreeForum, i.e. the website that hosts this board, is soliciting donations to enable them to move to cloud storage:

When you crowdfund there are various models you can choose - for instance, you can have a model where you only receive pledges if you meet your target, or one where you receive all pledges made whether you meet your target or not. MyFastForum has chosen the latter option, which suggests to me that it's just trying to make some money for forum support and maintenance, and that the desired total of 10,000 (which someone on the forum suggests is an unlikely goal) may be a somewhat arbitrary figure.

Let's see if there are any further developments in the coming weeks. The powers that be say that if MyFastForum is forced to close they will provide a free forum migration for all forums that have donated to their crowdfunding page. If it comes to this point, I will be more than happy to make a nominal donation to them in order to keep our board going.

This is just for information, really, but if anyone has any comments, do leave them below.


An update: the crowdfunding enterprise has been stopped, and the boards are apparently under new management (you may have seen the message at the top of each page). More details as and when, but (as suggested in my previous post) it seems the future of this board is not under imminent threat. I'll continue to monitor the situation.
Joe McWilliams

Thanks for looking after things, Gareth. I hadn't noticed this post until just now. I tend to ignore ads.

I've been following discussions on their main board not very assiduously, and it seems MYFF is being taken over by someone else but there's no need for anyone to do anything and URLs should all stay the same. As you were, then.

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