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My poems

A Hungry Recruits Lament

I doubt that I will ever see,
A filling dinner on one plate for me.
Still hungry, the small dinners past,
I hope the puddings coming fast.

If not then I can clearly see,
That faint from hunger i will be,
To satisfy my clamoring inner,
Ill quietly scoff the pet dogs dinner.

This strong desire for extra food,
Could leave me in a desperate mood,
The options let for me are few,
Perhaps Ill eat the pet dog too.

Or maybe raid the cooks own store,
Where food aplenty is I'm sure,
And stuff myself till I'm replete,
No longer craving more to eat.

Hello Medievalstuff,

This board is actually for discussing books rather than for presenting one’s own compositions, or for giving feedback on others’ work.

If you would like to discuss poetry in general terms, that, of course is another matter!

All the best, Himadri


how do you remove it?

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