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My newspaper article!

My apologies for this, really, and especially to those of you who may be pointed to it twice, but I was quite chuffed to see that my article and what the newspaper did with it took up two pages of the daily newspaper with quite a big circulation.  You will find the relevant bits here.  Cheers, Caro.

Good article, Caro, I had a giggle!  As a large-bag carrier myself I found all your contents perfectly reasonable.   The only glaringly obvious omission as far as I am concerned is a folding umbrella - something which is always to be found in my bag from Sept to April.

My God, you keep an awful lot of stuff in your handbag don't you. The SAS could learn a thing or two...

But Not Smart, did you not know that a woman's handbag is an eternally-extendable object?   Like Mary Poppins' carpet bag?  

My handbag is not that big, it's 18cm x 17cm x 7.5cm.  And today it contains, in one of two compartments - one bus pass, a comb, small pack of tissues, a lighter, breath freshner, Xmas card, two lots of painkiller, a P45, two conkers, two pens, two pencils and two keys on a key ring.  And a book of stamps, a business card and a lip salve in a round tin.  And on a working day it also contains my phone and a pack of 20 cigs.  

In the other compartment is my passport, 3 photos, a train timetable, 2 bills, an old signing on card in a plastic wallet, 4 post-it notes, two folded A4 sheets with poems on, two bank cards and 5 business cards.

That all sounds perfectly reasonable to me, I don't actually own a handbag, I have a small rucksack which I use instead and its on my back so my hands are free, I could never find a handbag big enough for everything I wanted to carry round and I saw it in a local shop its not too big (about the size of a childs drawstring shoe bag type thing) but its got loads of pockets all over the outside and inside there are numerous zipped compartments, and its always full to capacity.

I have a leather rucksack-like bag that goes on my back so that my hands are free.  It's not that big and has four zipped pockets, only one on the inside.  

They contain:  
    My purse.
    My mobile phone and tissues (this would be the inside pocket).
    My keys.
    My sunglassess, a watch, and my lipsalve.

Anything else that goes in there (and I have fitted an average size paperback in the main compartment) comes back out fairly fast.

Congratulations on your article Caro  wav

Thursday Next

Good article Smile

I have a rucksack full of stuff I cart around with me, but at least I have the excuse of saying it is all for the kids!

Fun article, Caro. I have long suspected that the idea for Doctor Who's Tardis came from women's handbags!

With George on the scene, Claire's handbag is packed more than ever. She abandoned the idea of a separate bulky changing bag early on, so her handbag usually has a few nappies and some wipes, plus the odd cream - then a drink for George, some rice cakes and baby biscuits. And we haven't even got to Claire's stuff yet!

Sometimes, if she's driving or busy doing something else, she'll ask me to get something out of her bag. Often, after minutes of rummaging, I'll be absolutely convinced that it's not in there - then she'll have a look herself and find the offending item in seconds. I'm sure there must be some sort of feminine sorcery involved...  Wink

As to those tiny sparkly handbags that women take if they're going to a club or posh restaurant, the answer is that they've usually packed their husband's coat and/or trouser pockets with cosmetics, perfumes etc. And, if they've any sense, left their purse at home too!  Wink

Yes, my sister complains that I take too much and says she went round Europe with just a little something round her neck.  Of course it turned out that her husband carried everything she needed!

Cheers, Caro

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