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My avatar has been honoured

Since I do post a fair amount on books, I suppose I’m entitled to post here once in a blue moon…

But I couldn’t help noticing that my avatar has been ennobled. Arise, Sir Dracula!


Oh, Sir Christopher Lee!  Of course!

I thought he was ennobled already as Count Dracula Exclamation On the other hand once a knight is enough Laughing

I agree - it's a bit of a step down from Count Dracula, isn't it? Or from Lord Summerisle (The Wicker Man).

Gotta' love Christopher Lee!  Don't forget he was another Count, too, Count Dooku in the Star Wars trilogy, although I prefer his original countdom in the Hammer films!

When the news of Christopher Lee's knighthood broke, both the "Daily Telegraph" and the "Daily Express" put a picture of him as Dracula on the front page next to a headline about Peter Mandleson, so it appeared at first glance that the picture was that of Mandleson.  I'm sure the juxtaposition was deliberate.

Several people, myself included, delight in cutting out headlines with adjacent photos which produce  a humorous effect;  "Pensioner Went On Shop Lifting Spree" next to  a picture of the Queen - that sort of thing.  

Very childish but sometimes very funny.

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